Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Snow day - best day ever!!!

Today was the best day ever. F stayed over and both he and little W shuffled/ stomped into my room at 6:45 " Kaffy/ Mommy is it it Christmas?" After a groggy "Hunh?" and some real fear that I had pulled a Rumpelstiltskin, I figured out it had snowed buckets during the night. Happy happy kids - and since I am not commuting right now, happy happy me. They headed out to the back yard to play before breakfast and had maple syrup on snow. Then a short break for more substantial food, and some fort/ trap building then out to build a snowman.
We went looking for rocks for the eyes and found neighbour kids who were building a snowasaurus so we all joined in and got invited back for cocoa. With marshmallows!!
Finally, Sarah came by with lunch and we showed her our fabulous creations before heading to the ball pit at IKEA.
Perfect snow day!

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Fraulein Eberg said...

Ach, totes ADORABLES!!!!!!!!